Fitness rooms - Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo


A cosy, comfortable gym with modern equipment, working under the careful, professional guidance of qualified instructors, houses group classes of body toning workout, ABT – Abs, Buns and Thighs, body building, stretching, postural training etc.

Individual workout is also very popular: qualified, experienced personal trainers guide the members who prefer individual customised training to meet their specific needs.

Unlike similar facilities, Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo only hires staff with a university degree in Physical Education (ISEF and Scienze Motorie in Italy).

The courses are organised over three-month periods and guarantee great flexibility and training plans.

It is also possible to arrange ad hoc classes, with a semi-customised training package for a maximum of six participants.
The package also includes one free class a week in any of the other group courses on the programme.

For further information, please contact Club Secretariat: +39 06 8082367