Cultural and recreational activities

A Club with roots in its founders’ passion for sports could not discard its original purpose, of course.

However, the growing presence of the club in the economic and social fabric of the city and beyond has extended the original mission of Antico Tiro a Volo to multiple, more complex and appealing activities, that enrich the club’s social life and its varied offer of services for the members and Participants.

The numerous, manifold cultural activities offered by the Club focus on a wide range of topical issues in the fields of literature, arts and science, as highlighted below.

The most remarkable aspect, however, is the fact that, introduced as a way to complement the original mission and interest of the club (sports), culture has now taken on its own importance, giving rise, together with the sports activities, to a single whole, which make Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo an original, unparalleled reality in the life of the city.