Summer centres

Since its foundation, the Club has wished to provide not only a series of services and facilities to meet the most diverse needs of its members, but also to extend its role to the members’ families, involving them across generations.

In this perspective, the Summer Centres (open to children and teens aged 4 to 14) are one of the activities that the Club puts most effort into, in consideration of the major impact they can have on the participants’ physical wellbeing and on their socialising skills, but also in enhancing the spirit of community between Members and all Participants through a number of services and opportunities designed for various age groups and catering for the interests of all.

All this is possible thanks to the number and organisation of the sports facilities available to the Club’s members (tennis courts, swimming pools, five-a-side football pitches, etc.), which make it possible to adjust the contents and duration of each programme to the participants’ preferences and needs as well as their potential and age.

All the activities are guided and supported by qualified instructors who combine skills and competence in the various sports with an ability to build a positive, friendly atmosphere among members at all levels.

At the end of every week of the camp, a music performance is organised, to be enjoyed by all the kids and their parents.

Courses start at the end of the school year and end when school starts again in September.