Billiards - Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo


A superb tower of the historical building, surrounded by open areas and terraces that delight players with a beautiful view over the Tiber Valley, houses the billiard room.

Described as the world’s most democratic game due to the limited needs in terms of facilities and logistics, billiards is another boast of the Circolo.

Three tables without pockets – masterpieces of Italian handicraft – to play Italian billiards welcome and support the Members fond of this sport in a fascinating room.

An exciting, popular game, with challenges involving several prestigious Clubs from across Rome in which the ‘cues’ of Antico Tiro a Volo have achieved excellent results, so much so that the Club has had the opportunity and privilege to host, for five editions, some world champions like Cifalà, Gualemi, Lopez, Martinelli, Montereale, Quarta, and above all the champion of the Champions, master of the masters Nestor Gomez, world champion of billiards, for a display/competition, the prize being the President’s solid silver Cup.

For those wishing to be introduced to this highly participatory and friendship-building sport, introductory courses are taught at the Circolo.

For further information, please contact Club Secretariat: +39 06 8082367