Jogging e speed walking

The Club is also enriched by a jogging and speed walking section, and participates with a team of members in the Rome Marathon and the “Miguel Race”, which is held in mid-January on a city path of Km.10,500.

Some members practice the so-called “fast walk” every day, less invasive than running, taking advantage of the nearby Villa Ada and Villa Glori, starting from the Club.

Brisk walking is a gentle endurance sport that preserves the joints and reduces the risk of trauma; in addition to maintaining body tone, those who practice it, if they reach the so-called “endurance zone” between 60 and 70% of the maximum heart rate, burn calories to the benefit of physical fitness and dynamism.

Nor can it be overlooked that the Club was also present several times at the New York Marathon where, in their respective categories, the participants achieved not negligible results.