Music - Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo


Circolo Antico Tiro a Volo is also a place where music lovers can spend some of their time with old and new friends.

This wonderful art brings together music lovers through the variety of feelings and emotions it raises, in a dimension music alone is able to create.

Since the beginning of the Club’s new life in 1994, some members have set up bands who have cheered up a number of evenings, thanks to the quality of the performances and the large attending audiences.

The repertoire presented is a journey across the main music genres, ranging from classical and symphonic music to modern one, thus pleasing members of all musical tastes.

In a few performances, classics and the most beautiful and famous songs, have been reinterpreted by the bands, to the great appreciation of all those who continue to follow them constantly.

This friendly atmosphere will be at the heart of all the events that the group of members will organise in the future, with a view to giving the Club’s members more and more opportunities to have a good time together.

For further information, please contact Club Secretariat: +39 06 8082367